Handmade veneer Lamps

All Lamps that we create at LuSi Lights are made from natural Wood Veneer and are perfect for your Home, Office or Public Places such as Restaurants, Hotels and Lobbies.

La Mela series, Floor and Pendant veneer Lamps produce warm, diffused light and subtle focused rays and are as such suitable also as a strong decorative element. Specific form makes La Mela Lamp look like a sculpture and center of attention while also providing its core function – radiate light in a different way.

All handmade veneer Lamps are designed and crafted in Slovenia, Europe.

About us

At LuSi Lights we are passionate about making beautiful and functional Lamp design. All of our Lamps are made by Hand, using real Veneer. In that aspect every Lamp that comes from us is unique and made for You.

Where is Lusi?

Cesta Andreja Bitenca 198, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

Phone +386 31 679 115 or +386 31 688 608

Email light@lusi-lights.com

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